Business Entities & Transactions

Our law firm is ready to advise your business from day one. In the formation of new business entity, we will assist with the following tasks:

  1. Choice of entity (e.g. LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLP, PLLC, etc.)
  2. Choice of management structure (e.g. operating agreements, joint venture agreements, employment agreements, statements of authority, etc.)
  3. Choice of investment/capitalization structure
  4. Acquisition, sale or leasing of real estate, equipment, inventory and other assets (e.g. purchase agreements, deed, bill of sale, leases, right of first refusal, options, etc.)
  5. Registration and filing with the Iowa Secretary of State: our office is ready to e-file with the Secretary of State for faster turnarounds
  6. Annual and biennial reporting requirements
  7. Including the business into your estate plan, or business succession plan

You may already have professional advisors for tax, accounting, investment, finance, or real estate. Working with us does not mean leaving your other trusted advisors out of the loop. We will work closely with your entire professional advising team, leveraging our collective expertise in our respective areas to give your business the kind of foundation you can rely on.