Creditor Rights

Claims in Bankruptcy

The creditor should contact an attorney as soon as he or she receives notice of bankruptcy. An attorney can help maximize the recovery from a bankruptcy estate, and verify claims are filed before deadlines expire. Let us file your proof of claim and monitor the case.

Claims in Probate

When a person dies owing money to a creditor, the creditor has a limited amount of time to file a claim in the decedent's estate, or to otherwise pursue collection. Let us file your claim in probate and monitor the case.

Foreclosure, Repossession& replevin

The debtor stops paying. The creditor wants the collateral. Our job is to get that collateral while maintaining full compliance with state and federal laws and regulations in consumer, agriculture and commercial cases.

Bankruptcy Litigation

If a creditor's collateral, pending collection lawsuit, or other matters become subject to bankruptcy jurisdiction, then there may be adversary or contested matters requiring immediate attention. Further, if a creditor received payment prior to a debtor's bankruptcy, the creditor may be facing a "preference" action.


Post-judgment garnishment of wages or bank accounts has become a difficult process in Iowa. Procedures vary from county-to-county. Further, a recent court decision called into question the constitutionality of Iowa's garnishment notice laws, prompting ongoing revisions of the garnishment statute.

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