Personal Bankruptcy

In today's troubling economic climate, it has become easier than ever to fall behind on your financial obligations and fall victim to the stresses of overwhelming debt. Whether your debt stems from medical bills, credit card payments, mortgage loans or bad investments, you may be able to find relief through filing bankruptcy.

Our attorneys leverage more than 35 years of bankruptcy experience to provide detailed support to debtors or creditors seeking to find resolutions to debt relief issues in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. 

We leverage the power of the Best Case Bankruptcy software platform to:

  1. Import creditors directly from your credit report;

  2. Provide you with a before and after credit score;

  3. Coordinate online credit counseling and debtor education through a convenient website; and

  4. Maintain electronic records and correspond with you via e-mail.

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Attention to Your Unique Needs

Our firm has the knowledge and experience needed to offer guidance to clients interested in eliminating overwhelming debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Whether you are an individual, family, farmer, business owner or creditor, we have the experience and the dedication needed to help you find resolutions to your debt related concerns as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Chapter 7 Retainer

The retainer is used to pay the court filing fee, credit report fee, credit counseling and debtor education fees, and attorney fees.

Bankruptcy BASICS

The following 9-part YouTube playlist was produced by the US Courts to explain the bankruptcy process. If you are considering bankruptcy and want to learn more about the process, then watching these videos is a good place to start.

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