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Local Attorneys Assist You With Agricultural Law Matters

Agricultural law includes a variety of practice areas with a specific focus on the farming industry. Our local attorneys bring a combination of more than 100 combined years of diverse experience to help our clients make informed decisions when it comes to their agribusiness concerns. At Klinger, Robinson & Ford, LLP, our professional team can help you approach your particular legal needs whether you are starting an agribusiness or shoring up the foundation of your farm or ranch business that has been in your family for generations. For example, we can assist you to approach a range of vital aspects of your agribusiness, including:

  • Contracts – Buying and selling commodities and livestock is becoming more complicated throughout the supply chain. Whether you need us to draft a contract, or simply explain what a contract says, we can help. Learn more about our business services.
  • Real estate We can assist you with sale, purchase or leasing of Iowa farmland. With a difficult neighbor, we can help with boundary disputes, adverse possession and nuisance actions. Learn more about our real estate services.
  • Estate planning When you own farmland and farm equipment, there are complicated questions that must be answered at death. Make it easier on your family and on-farm heirs by planning in advance. Learn more about our estate planning services.
  • Environment We can represent you in environmental matters with the Iowa DNR, Iowa Attorney General’s Office or EPA. This includes permit applications, easements and ongoing compliance.
  • Business and farm bankruptcy – Our firm has extensive experience handling large and complex commercial bankruptcies, from voluntary to involuntary.

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Our lawyers understand the complexities relating to running a successful agriculture-related business in Iowa. Contact Klinger, Robinson & Ford, LLP, in Cedar Rapids by calling 319-395-7400 or sending us an email to schedule an appointment.